About GeoLotto

Everything you need to know about the company behind the game

Hello, we are GeoLotto.

It is our mission to create brilliant new Location-based draw games that make millions of winners all over the UK (excl N.I.).
You’ll find everything you need to know about us here. And if you have any other questions, just get in touch with us at info@geolotto.com.

The Game

GeoLotto is the game that lets you claim a piece of Britain. Own a piece of your football team’s stadium, a famous landmark or even your own back yard.

Every piece you claim gets entered into a draw, with a chance to win great cash prizes ranging from £5 all the way up to the £1 Million Jackpot!

We're trusted

We’re regulated by the UK Gambling Commission – license number 000-027025-R-308720-005 – which means we’re fair and honest in everything we do. We will never share your details without your permission and we keep your information safe by being certified by Norton.

We ensure that all our transactions are safe and traceable through Barclays Verified by Visa. We're responsible – that includes being certified by GamCare – www.gambleaware.co.uk

We've got the best support

GeoLotto operates exclusively in the UK, but we’re also lucky enough to be supported by Tipp24 and Geonomics. Tipp24 runs a number of companies in Spain and the UK and enables over 2.9 million customers to participate in lottery-based games via the Internet, handling online transactions worth over €300 million every year. Their support means that we have the best talent and expertise to run GeoLotto, as well as being able to offer world class Cash Prizes every week. Since 2008, Geonomics has been providing our technology platform. They have worked with us to create our innovative Game, putting places that matter at the heart of what we do and enabling us to create winners all over Britain.

Still have some questions?

  • Who are GeoLotto?

    GeoLotto is run by a company called Geo24uk. We are a group of people dedicated to bringing you great gaming experiences and creating winners all over the UK (excl N.I.).

    Geo24uk is supported by Geonomics and Tipp24, who provide some of the talent and world class expertise required to create groundbreaking new products.

  • Are you trustworthy?

    Yes, we are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, which means we comply with all the necessary legal requirements.

    We securely encrypt all of your data (Certified by Norton) and Barclays verified by Visa ensures that all of your transactions are safe and traceable. We are also certified by Gamcare, to find out what that entails, visit their website.

  • What is the technology behind the Draw?

    Every square on the map has a unique identifier, called a square ID.

    In the GeoLotto Draw, we use a Hardware Random Number Generator to allocate prizes to squares based on these IDs. The process is completely random and is fully certified by the Gambling Commission in the UK.

  • Search for your lucky place

    In the game, you will see a bright green search box at the top left of the screen. Click on it, and you can type in a landmark, your postcode, anywhere in Britain! Our map will take you to that place instantly.

  • Select your Square

    Once you’ve zoomed in on your location, you should see a huge grid of Squares lying on top of the map. Find the Square that fits above your Lucky Place, click on it and a pop-up will prompt you for the next step.

  • Enter the prize draw to win £1 Million

    After you’ve selected your Square, a window should appear asking you if you want to purchase the Square with a ‘Subscription’ or ‘Pay As You Go’. A Subscription means that you will never miss a draw and that nobody can claim your Lucky Place! Once you have completed the remaining steps, your Square should appear under ‘My Places’, you will have been entered into the next draw.

  • How do I check if I’ve won?

    You can go to your Account Page, which will display a notification if you have won. You should have also received an email from us, congratulating you on your win.

  • Where can I find the latest results?

    The Results page is the place to go if you want to check out where prizes have landed in the Draws.

  • When are the results announced?

    We announce the Winning Location at 11 pm every Saturday night. Half an hour before the draw takes place (10.30pm), we enter a phase called ‘Lockdown’. During this period, you will be unable to enter any new Squares into the Draw until it has taken place.

  • What prizes can I win?

    There are loads of cash prizes to be won with GeoLotto. As well as the £1M Jackpot, there are 15 chances to win £100K and 100 chances to win £10K and that is just the top 3 tiers.

    In total, over 2 million prizes land all over Britain every week. That is more than £17 Million to be won anywhere in the country.

  • How do you pick the winners?

    In the GeoLotto Draw, locations are chosen at random to win cash prizes. To ensure complete fairness, we use a Hardware Random Number Generator.

    The process is certified by the Gambling Commission, and complies with the highest requirements of randomness set by METAS, the Swiss national organization in charge of measurement science, testing and compliance.

  • Do I need to claim my prizes?

    You only need to claim your prize if you win over £5,000. Prizes under this amount are paid directly into your account. Bigger wins are paid via bank transfer for extra security. We'll contact you directly to arrange this, but you can also contact our Player Support Team on 0800 684 8710 from Mon-Fri: 8am-8pm, Sat: 8am-12am, Sun (& Bank Holidays): 10am-3pm.

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